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Happy Fourth of July from Battle Red Blog!!!

247? The USA doesn’t look a day over 225.

Life Liberty Etc
Cool painting. Not even close to historically accurate, but cool painting.
Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Welcome to the 247th anniversary of the “birth” of the United States of America! From a 1320-word document on a piece of parchment that 56 men over the course of a year would sign proclaiming that a group of 13 British colonies were free and independent states, we have one of the most powerful nations of all time. Granted, there is a healthy debate about when the United States actually became independent from the British Empire, but it was on the fourth of July in 1776 that the Continental Congress officially ratified the text of the Declaration and published it for public consumption.

While a given now, 247 years ago, the independence of the United States was far from a certainty. The Continental Army had yet to log a victory of significance, and within weeks, the British would win a resounding victory by taking New York City. The signatories of the Declaration did more than ensure that school-age children would need to learn their names. That signature equated a confession of treason against the British Crown, a crime for which death was the usual outcome. The long insurgency led by Washington and his army was never assured of victory, and at so many points, history could have taken a far different turn.

Thus, as we all gear up for the national holiday, take a moment to appreciate this great experiment that is the United States. While FAR from perfect, it is our country. Think on the sacrifices and actions of those who put it all on the line 247 years ago. Think on those that do their part to help keep this nation independent and strong today, from the armed forces, to the first responders, to those civil servants who do their job day-in and day-out to keep America America. Always good to remember the reason for the July holiday season.

Hopefully, this post finds you enjoying the benefits of a national holiday. Go forth and enjoy the best that life has to offer in America. Enjoy with friends and family. If you find yourself having to work on the fourth, may the work go quickly, may you get some much deserved compensation time later and thank you for doing what you do. Do have fun, but be responsible. For much of this fanbase, be mindful of the heat, which is brutal even by Texas standards. Have fun, but have fun responsibly (no drinking and driving).

We want everyone back in the same or better condition after the holidays. We have 22 days until Houston Texans training camp opens. Given that this team is showing signs of positive improvement, we want all of you back and ready to join us for what might be the most entertaining iteration of the Texans in years. Certainly better than what we’ve seen over the past couple of years.