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Houston Texans Salary Cap Health

Things are alright in H-Town.

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The fine folks over at analyzed the salary cap situations for all 32 teams over the next 3 years. Based on statistics and data culled from they came to the conclusion that the Battle Red Boys are doing alright.

With left tackle Laremy Tunsil hitting the cap the hardest, followed by “soon to hit even harder” right tackle Tytus Howard, the Houston Texans don’t have a lot of big money deals on the books.

That’s right, general manager Nick Caserio’s seemingly crazy a the time plan of cleaning up the Houston cap mess left behind by the previous regime has worked.


Total Cap Liabilities: $250,590,152

Top 51: $185,028,074

Team Cap Space: $13,825,887

Offense: $105,575,877

Defense: $103,081,927

Special: $10,215,834

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With so few players making north of $5 mil/year, the Texans have risen from the salary cap dungeon to above average after all the rookie deals hit the books.


The Texans continued to dole out a lot of short-term deals to free agents despite turning the page to the C.J. Stroud era, moving up slightly in our top 51 veteran valuation from 30th to 25th. More importantly, the extra draft capital from the Deshaun Watson trade kicked in, pushing the Texans from 28th in active draft capital last year to eighth this year.

There’s a possibility Houston resets the market at left tackle and right tackle in one offseason if right tackle Tytus Howard can surpass the recent bar set by Lane Johnson. But otherwise, Houston has very few big deals across the roster. Building from the trenches out is certainly a strategy that worked for new head coach DeMeco Ryans’ former team in the San Francisco 49ers, but the Texans are still a few years away from contention.

They still have a significant dead money hit from Brandin Cooks ($22,220,741) but that will soon be a memory as well.

In other news: congrats to Debbie the Texan for being the only female Houston Texans fan to have an NFL Fan of the Year ring: