BattleRedBlog2023 Fantasy Football League - PRESEASON

Here we go, the 2023 Fantasy Football Season. Sure, we're feeling more excitement here in Houston for out hometown team, the Houston Texans, although still quite reserved, but how can we not get excited about what awaits us in Fantasy Football? After all, you get to pick your own team. You get to pay attention to more than just the Texans. You get a refrain from your domestic situation, whatever that may be, I can't judge. You are the manager of your own team of NFL Fantasy Players! Okay, we started this thing in the middle of The Pandemic and during a downtime of our Houston Texans, the 2021 season, a Houston Texans season we would all like to forget. David Culley was the Head Coach, having replaced Billy O'Brien. Our 2021 BRB Fantasy Football League consisted of eight teams. The 2022 BRB Fantasy Football League has ten teams. This year, the 2023 Fantasy Football League aims to expand to twelve teams. Do you want to be part of that? Here's another question. Should we move to DraftKings? We've been on Yahoo! and they've been good, without problems, but DraftKings seems to be a BRB Blog sponsor! Maybe we should. I'm listening to our Team Managers on that question and interested Team Managers. A new season gives us the opportunity to make these kinds of changes. The draft hasn't happened, yet. but the draft is planned for next week, Wednesday, August 30. Let me end this FanPost by laying down the gauntlet. While I don't profess to be any kind of a fantasy football guru and we do have a very competitive league, fantasy football can be very unpredictable, my teams have fared well. This season, I have changed my Team Name to Lovie's Beard. Two years ago, my team won the 2021 BRB Fantasy Football League Champioship. Last season my team won the 2022 BRB Fantasy Football League Regular Season. So, if you think you can show me a thing or two when it comes to fantasy football, I encourage you to reach out to be a Team Manager! Oh, I almost forgot to say, TEXSON may have something to say about all of the above... :)

PS: I will discuss Yahoo! versus DraftKings with the Team Managers and be able to post a Login Link soon.