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Battle Red Blog Groupthink: Houston Texans Fantasy Football

Who does the Battle Red Blog Masthead believe you should draft?

NFL: Washington Commanders at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The best thing about the preseason is fantasy football. It’s the culmination of months’ long speculation, projection, pandering, and good ole light hearted fun. Unless you are me, who came last in their fantasy football league and consequently had to do an NFL Combine. Fortunately and unfortunately, I tore my ACL several months ago and am doing my own Adrian Peterson return to glory. Call this the Comeback Writer of the Year. Hey SB Nation, do I get a trophy too?

For those of us who play, drafting your favorite Texan can be a double-edged sword. I personally can’t do it; I want to watch the game for the game and not root for a singular outcome within a Houston Texans matchup. It also allows me to see the forest for the trees in the NFL.

Those who do enjoy rooting on a Houston Texan on their own roster, you’ve seen brighter days. DeAndre Hopkins 2015 season with 11 TDs probably won you your league. In 2019 Carlos Hyde was the start of many a waiver wire. Again in 2015, raise your hand if you bought in on Alfred Blue?

The trials and tribulations of fantasy football knows no bounds. Which brings us to this week’s Battle Red Blog Groupthink:

This week’s groupthink: Let’s switch it up a little. Of the Houston Texans, which if any are you targeting in fantasy football?

Kenneth L.

I am targeting Dameon Pierce more in non-PPR leagues than in PPR or half. The insertion of Devin Singletary will reduce Pierce’s routes and designed pass plays. Pierce will kill it in leagues where the TD is highly valued (6+ points) as he’ll receive the bulk of the work. Plus, the red zone is a scary place for rookie QBs, just ask Kenny Pickett.

Singletary is a late-round RB that some fantasy fanatics are raving about his potential. They know Pierce worked in a rotation in college and see the new San Francisco 49ers offense installed. They believe Singletary will be a late-round steal and bigger portion of the offense than most project.

The wide receiver room is too volatile for me. People love Nico Collins, but I can cut this WR room in a multitude of ways and many of them don't produce Collins as WR1. Red zone targets will be rare, especially with the inclusion of Dalton Schultz.

Speaking of Schultz, I expect him to receive 80+ targets this season. Considering had 89, 104, and 89 targets his last three seasons this isn’t a stretch. Maybe there will be some regression due to QB play, but push comes to shove he will be the most consistent target on this offense.

Mike Bullock

I don’t play fantasy football anymore simply due to lack of time. But if I did, I’d be after Tank Dell and Devin Singletary. First off, Dell seems like a yardage points machine. His YAC is going to be a thing this season and as the fleetest of foot receiver on the team, odds of him being open an awful lot will increase his ability to get those YAC again and again and again. While SIngletary is likely the 2nd running back on the depth chart, I can see Dameon Pierce taking the team down the bulk of the field, then Singletary coming in as the 3rd down guy who punches the ball across the goal line early and often.


I’m not huge into fantasy football either but I think Dameon Pierce is the best bet. He was already the top fantasy guy last year and the offense overall should produce more rushing yards. Tank Dell is a close second as he should be good for splash plays that account for multiple points.


Well, for the Texans, feels like it would be a combination between Pierce and Dell as the first choices. Hard to say on rookie QBs like Stroud. May start slow, but could heat up. However, two names I would consider in the draft, even if not your highest picks would a TE like Dalton Schultz, who could evolve into a security blanket for a QB like Stroud, and yes, I am going to drop this name in here, kicker Ka’imi Fairbarin. He was actually pretty solid last year, Frank Ross is one of the better special teams coaches out there and the team may need to rely on his leg, especially early on as the team attempts to learn the offense. Justin Tucker Fairbairn is not, but Fairbairn would be worth consideration.


I just signed up for my first fantasy league that isn’t BRB-related in like three years and most of my opposition are Seattle Seahawks fans so that leaves me a ton of options for drafting. I would definitely draft Dameon Pierce (because he’s going to be really good if the offense makes any kind of step forward). Granted we have a hydra back with Devin Singletary being on the team (and he’ll probably vulture a few touchdowns from Pierce), but I do think Pierce is going to be the bell cow and the more-reliable scoring option in the RB corps.

But most of all, I’m definitely high on Tank Dell and he would be one hell of a sleeper WR pick, especially in dynasty formats. I’ll be targeting him strongly this year. Because Tank Dell is gonna be good.