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How did Texans rookie C.J. Stroud do in his debut?

The verdict is in on the first game of the new era.

NFL: Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

While the Houston Texans may not have actually won the game yesterday, which is the only stat that really counts, rookie C.J. Stroud didn’t stink up the field.

In his NFL debut, Stroud threw 44 passes, connected 28 times for 242 yards, a 5.5 yard average, 0 touchdowns and 0 interceptions.

The Baltimore Ravens defense managed to sack Stroud five times. One such tackle for loss resulted in a forced fumble.

While there was a play or two where Stroud should have thrown the ball away, not doing so with every pressure is likely why his interception stat is a goose egg.

To say Stroud excelled in ball control for a rook is an understatement.

The mounting injuries to the offensive line, leading to a musical chairs of sorts for the o-line depth chart, certainly didn’t help the rook.

Anyone trying to debate the effectiveness of the offensive line play need look no further than the running back stats:

Dameon Pierce: 11 carries for 38 yards

Devin Singletary: 7 carries for 15 yards

However, unlike some NFL noobs in the past, Stroud held it together, showed poise, leadership and the maturity necessary to lead this team.

In the end, while there are things to work on, obviously, the consensus is that Stroud did well with what he was given.

No one should have expected the Houston Texans to come out and dominate the Baltimore Ravens yesterday. But, everyone should expect Stroud to generate some highlight reel plays in the not so distant future.

How do you think the rook’s debut went?