BattleRedBlog2023 Fantasy Football League - THE DRAFT (Happened)

The BattleRedBog2023 Fantasy Football season is officially underway! It’s not required, but feel free to step forward and introduce yourself to the BRB Blog if you are one of the Team Managers. The Teams are, and I’m going to put them in order of Draft Day Projected Standings:

1 TEXAS TERROR, A+ 13-2-0
2 Tus_Air_Squad, A 12-3-0
3 Lovie’s Beard, B 9-6-0
4 Dirty Hairy, C+ 9-6-0
5 TEXSON’S Top Dawgs, C 8-6-1
6 BleachBum, B- 8-7-0
7 Texas Hillbillys, C 7-7-1
8 Tha Moneygang , D+ 4-11-0
9 Maryland Texan, D 2-13-0
10 Mills Mafia, D 2-13-0

This is just an observation, but TEXSON had a little draft day regret, judging by how he was first to test the free agent waters, cutting/adding three to his roster before anyone else got to it. He’s already laid down the gauntlet stating, "GOOD luck.... but I'm winning thisyear.... maybe... See ya on Next Thursdayguys. Be safe." Yeh, we’ll see about that TEXSON, haha!

It’s a long season, injuries have a way of weakening lineups, as I can attest. So, what looks like a good lineup in September can become a very challenging lineup Week 7 and an impossible lineup come Week 15 as things fall apart just as the Fantasy Playoffs are about to start. Players on a Bye also have a way of causing a Team Manager to fumble. So, let’s go get’em!