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Happy New Year from Battle Red Blog

2023? Yeah, we’re done with that. It’s all about 2024 now.

Happy New Year!

Ugh, I’m sorry, I’ll keep it down. We’ve had a rough start to the 2020s, I ain’t gonna lie. The Houston Texans were in an out-and-out tailspin and it looked like nothing could ever go right for this team. We hired David Culley and Lovie Smith and ownership would pretend that everything was fine and he wasn’t a colossal piece of human [kitten].

But that was all before the Texans brought in DeMeco Ryans. The Captain has brought the Texans back to respectability and the future looks extremely bright.

So since I’m very much in my cups as I write this, I think I speak on behalf of all of us from BRB when I say that we hope y’all have a happy and healthy New Year!

Now let’s get to watching some bowl games.

And the NHL Winter Classic.

I contain multitudes.

Go Texans. Go Kraken.