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NFL Super Wild Card Round Open Thread

Twelve teams, six games, six divisional round spots.

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Welcome, guys, gals, and non-binary pals, to the NFL playoffs! Dang, it feels good to be able to say that.

This will be your home for all playoff discussion for the Wild Card Round.

This week will have everything: the Houston Texans’ triumphant return to relevance, people in Kansas City and/or Buffalo potentially dying of hypothermia from subzero wind chill, the possibility of an NFC team being the match for any of the AFC teams currently in the field, and other fantastical moments!

Let’s get to the matchups for this weekend, in no particular order other than chronological order.

(5) Cleveland Browns at (4) Houston Texans - Saturday, 3:30 PM CST (NBC)

(6) Miami Dolphins at (3) Kansas City Chiefs - Saturday, 7:00 PM CST (Peacock*)

(7) Pittsburgh Steelers at (2) Buffalo Bills - Sunday 12:00 PM CST (CBS)

(7) Green Bay Packers at (2) Dallas Cowboys - Sunday 3:30 PM CST (Fox)

(6) Los Angeles Rams at (3) Detroit Lions - Sunday 7:00 PM CST (NBC)

(5) Philadelphia Eagles at (4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7:15 PM CST (ABC)

And here are my picks for this week, from DraftKings Sportsbook:

May the way of the hero lead the Texans to the Super Bowl.

Go Texans!