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Devin Singletary’s Underappreciated Wild Card Game

Giving credit where credit is due.

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The story coming out of Saturday’s victory over the Cleveland Browns may have been C.J. Stroud’s history rookie performance, DeMeco Ryans’ coaching job, and the dominant performance by the defense, but RB Devin Singletary’s performance cannot go unstated. The Houston Texans free agent running back has completely taken over the backfield from Dameon Pierce and continues to demonstrate why he is the starting running back for the upstart Texans offense.

In his ninth playoff game but first with the Texans, Singletary rushed 13 times for 66 yards and a touchdown while also catching three receptions for four yards. His fantastic run on second-and-7 in the Browns red zone sealed the deal and capped off a fantastic night all around for the offense.

After his score, the starting offense took a backseat and Bobby Slowik’s second team stepped in to finish off the evening.

What Singletary was able to do on the ground was force the Cleveland Browns to not completely focus on stopping C.J. Stroud. His ability to break off long runs created momentum and made Stroud’s job all the more simple. When Stroud only needs to throw the ball 21 times and he can still decimate an opponent, you know things are going right in the run game too. Take a look at Next Gen Stat’s chart of his runs against the Browns.

He broke free on three huge gains that made up for the majority of the yardage. Many of his carries came out of shotgun and went to the left behind Laremy Tunsil and rookie guard Juice Scruggs. The offense had two clear running plans: attack the left side of the line for the majority of the runs up the middle, then try to stretch the Browns to the outside. On both schemes, he was able to break off big runs.

Here’s what Singletary had to say after the game...

With Singleton playing some of the best ball of his career, Houston has a change to control the tempo of their upcoming divisional round matchup against the Baltimore Ravens. He’s playing a major role in an up and coming offense and deserving a second contract with the Texans.