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Best NFL prop bets for Saturday’s Divisional Round game between Texans and Ravens

All this house money and nothing to spend it on. Wait a minute ...

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

It’s easy to watch the Houston Texans this season and feel like everything is coming up Milhouse for the team. And in that respect, we as fans get to sit, fat, dumb, and happy, on the embarrassment of riches that this team has fallen into.

It’s kind of like being a Battle Red Smaug, but without all the setting people on fire with dragon breath stuff.

And since we’re a game away from the AFC championship game, let’s go really pie in the sky with our prop picks this week from DraftKings Sportsbook.

Each Team Scores +1 Touchdown and +1 Field Goal in Each Half (+1500; or 15-1 odds)

This one requires a bit of cooperation and releases me from the idea that the Baltimore Ravens scoring any points is bad. They’re the Ravens, they’re probably going to score points.

But will the Texans match them is the question? Well, the way this team is playing, you absolutely cannot count this out as a possibility.

Texans Total Team Points: Over 26.5 (+500; or 5-1 odds)

The Ravens are going to be without CB Marlon Humphrey on defense. There will be points available to the Texans through the air; meaning that the Stroud/Collins combination should have a pretty solid day. Or at least one can hope. Speaking of...

Hybrid Parlay: C.J. Stroud +325 Passing Yards and Nico Collins +100 Receiving Yards (+800; or 8-1 odds)

No Humphrey means Collins will probably get matched up with a lesser CB; and the way Collins is playing these days, that’s 100% an advantage for the Texans. Will Stroud be able to redeem himself from his first encounter with the Ravens to get 325+ yards? That is a much more intriguing story, and one that will keep you in suspense through most of the game.

Please play responsibly and do not take financial advice from a football blog.

Go Texans!