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RECAP: Texans turn back into a pumpkin after magical season ends in 34-10 loss vs. Ravens

Eff it, we still had a great season.

The danger in playing with house money is, eventually, the house will win it all back. Countless gamblers have had to make the long, slow, silent ride back to the airport after a wild night in Vegas, realizing how much money they had won and pondering what they would have done with it if they had just thought to quit while they were ahead.

The Houston Texans obviously couldn’t quit while they’re ahead, they had no choice but to let it ride, and boy what a ride it was too.

The Texans got off to a rough start and were simply unable to get any kind of sustained offensive pressure going against the top seeded Baltimore Ravens. Now when you give up a lead to the Ravens early, and you rack up more penalties than points (10 points, 11 penalties), and you can’t get your running game going, and you have no response to Lamar Jackson or the Ravens offense, you’re not going to have a good day.

But this game is immaterial. At least in the long run. If anything, this game could serve as fuel to the fire to the team, something to sit and stew upon for the next seven months.

I won’t spend a lot of time on the game because I don’t want to think about it any more than you do. The Texans lost 34-10, they got boat raced in the second half because they, like everyone else, couldn’t stop Lamar Jackson.

This is the start of something big. This is the Houston Texans team we’ve been waiting for. The Texans have the answer at the two most important parts of the team: head coach and quarterback. They have a disruptive pass rusher to build around in Will Anderson, budding stars in the receiving game (Tank Dell, Nico Collins), some solid offensive line pieces, and a shutdown corner.

The Texans go into the offseason with a ton of free salary cap space to pursue whatever free agents they want. And we have a team that big name free agents will want to play for to get their Super Bowl ring.

We also have the last bunch of Cleveland Browns picks from trading whoever the hell the last Texans quarterback was (was it Davis Mills?).

Unlike previous years, our needs aren’t structural, they’re small tweaks here and there to get the depth and talent the Texans need to make a serious chase for the Lombardi.

This is it, y’all, this is our time now. Get on the ride now because while it sucks now, and boy does it suck, it’s about to become SOOOOOOOOO much fun for many years to come.

Glory to Mother Houston and go Texans!