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Houston Texans win AFC South championship after Jags lose to Titans 28-20

Finally, a use for Nashville!

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

I’m writing this in the last two minutes of the Jacksonville Jaguars/BESFs game. And you know all that stuff that nobody expected the Houston Texans to do this season that we went over yesterday when they punched their ticket to the playoffs?

Well, let’s add one more accomplishment to the pile of accolades this team has achieved this season: AFC South champions.

That’s right, because the Tennessee Titans decided to be useful for the first time in that team’s entire existence, by defeating the former AFC South champion Jags, 28-20 in Nashville.

The result being the Jags are now out of the playoffs and your Houston Texans have reclaimed their rightful place as the true rulers of the AFC South after a brief absence.

With the division title, the Texans are locked into the fourth seed in the AFC playoffs and guaranteed a home game against the Cleveland Browns, who, honestly, I’m itching for a little bit of revenge for the Christmas Eve massacre.

Division champs, it’s just as nice as the last time we won the division. But this team wants more than just a playoff appearance.

Go Texans!