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Super Bowl Sunday 2024: Game information, picks for 49ers vs. Chiefs

Wanna watch a Super Bowl? No? Well, if you change your mind, here’s how you can.

Super Bowl LVIII - Previews Photo by Candice Ward/Getty Images

Here we are, it’s the last game of the season and it’s...::squints:: San Francisco 49ers playing the Kansas City Chiefs? Geeeeeez.

Well, it’s still technically football, and there’s a five month desert of non-football (combine, draft, etc. not included) time coming so we might as well soak up as much of Super Bowl LVIII as we can while we can; like a camel for sports.

But enough about that, here’s how you can watch, listen to, and stream tomorrow’s “BIG” game.

Super Bowl LVIII

Who: San Francisco 49ers (14-5) at Kansas City Chiefs (14-6)

Where: Allegiant Stadium - Las Vegas, NV

When: Sunday, February 11, 2024 at 5:30 pm CST

TV: CBS, Nickelodeon

Streaming: Fubo*, Paramount+*, YouTube*, YouTube TV* (*Subscription Required)

Why: Because five months without football is a real long time.

And here are my picks for the Super Bowl, brought to you by DraftKings Sportsbook.

This will be so much better next year when the Houston Texans reach the Super Bowl.

Go Texans!