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Battle Red Bag

Battle-Day Bagover: The Memorial Day Hangbaggening

Like Master and Blaster, the Two-Day Hangover and Battle Red Bag combine into something completely weird and vaguely unsettling. Enjoy!

Bag Meets 2DH: A Call for Questions and Ideas

Two long-forgotten entities return (briefly) as one! And you can participate!

Battle Red Bag 2015, Episode 8

Hitting people with socks full of nickels, recasting bad movies, and reaching the crossroads of the NFL and Star Wars. Also, Regis Philbin. It's Bag time, folks.

Battle Red Bag 2015, Episode 7: BTTF Special

A few thousand words on time-travel theory through the lens of Back to the Future 1 and 2. Because why not? It's the Battle Red Bag, and we don't need roads.

Call for Questions: Battle Red Bag 2015, vol. 7

This post is the internet equivalent of panhandling. But that won't stop me from asking you to send your questions for future Battle Red Bag installments.

Battle Red Bag 2015, Episode 6

Beethoven, Joni Mitchell, Michigan Football, AC/DC, movies, and QB hell. It's all in the Bag.

Call for Questions: Battle Red Bag 2015, vol. 6

A Bag without questions is like a Longhorns' game without a special-teams gaffe, or an Irishman without a drinking problem. Send in your questions, people.

Battle Red Bag 2015: Episode 5

Youth soccer, the solar system, HODOR, and other assorted ridiculousness. It's the Battle Red Bag!

Call for Questions: Battle Red Bag 2015, vol. 5

Your weekly chance to submit questions for a future post full of distortions, half-truths, and occasionally football.

Battle Red Bag 2015, Episode 3

This week's installment of Battle Red Bag 2015 features a mulligan on last week's unbearable powerfulness of rankings, accountants in coffee shops, a literary critique (of sorts), and other gallimaufry. Enjoy.

Call for Questions: Battle Red Bag 2015, vol. 4

It's time for more questions to be answered in future installments of the internet's hindenbergian mailbag!

Battle Red Bag 2015, Episode 2

This week's Battle Red Bag comes to you from the friendly skies, courtesy of Delta Airline's in-flight WiFi. Technology, y'all.

Call for Questions: Battle Red Bag 2015, vol. 3

Another request that you send questions that (theoretically) will get answered in a future Battle Red Bag.

Call For Questions: Battle Red Bag 2015, vol. 2

Ask things. See them answered at a later date. It's like letters to the editor, if the editor was drunk and didn't like people.

Battle Red Bag 2015: Episode 1

Questions and answers about BBQ, Back to the Future, life decisions, terrible music, and whether blog posts should feature the writer's opinions. We're back, baby.

Call for Questions: Battle Red Bag 2015, vol. 1

The return of the Battle Red Bag for 2015. Our long, bag-less nightmare is over.

Battle Red Friday - BBQ Something For Mom

Whether you have plans this weekend or not, take a look at one of the most informative and comprehensive articles you will ever find regarding the time-honored tradition of BBQ.

Is The 2DH Dead?

That's up to one man, and it ain't me. Let him know what you think in the Comments to this post.

Battle Red Bag, Vol. 23


Texans Reality Check, Plus A Request For Questions

There aren't enough places to get your question answered on this website, so choose this one!

Battle Red Bag, Vol. 22

Subjectively decide between Jennifer Lawrence and Kat Dennings. These are our readers.

Submit Questions To The Battle Red Bag!

Elmo knows where you live.

Battle Red Bag, Volume 21

Pooping pterodactyls. What else needs to be said?

Submit Questions to the Battle Red Bag!

Boo Halo, yay questions.

Battle Red Bag, Volume 20

In which I am asked multiple times to try to imagine living with fictional characters.

Submit questions to the Battle Red Bag!

I will lure you in with the longest writing that has ever been tangentially related to self-serve grocery checkouts.

Battle Red Bag, Vol. 19

Heartbreak, Glover Quin ... but no Hail Mary.

Submit questions to the Battle Red Bag!

If we answer your question, you could win a brand new ... sense of satisfaction that you were heard! Wait, that's terrible. I quit.

Battle Red Bag Vol. 18: Out Of Options

In this edition of our bi-weekly mailbag, we tackle the past, the danger of scab officiating, and look into the possibility of an afterlife.

Call For Battle Red Bag Questions, Vol. 18

Asking for new questions for the latest edition of the Battle Red Bag. Plus, an anecdote.

Battle Red Bag, Vol. 17: Emo McCown

The Battle Red Bag is back in action, with another shot of pure depression! Wait, that's terrible, I quit.

Call for Battle Red Bag Questions, Vol. 17

Submit questions to my mailbag! Submit questions to my mailbag! Submit questions to my mailbag!

Battle Red Bag, Vol. 16: Officiating Your Bank Account

You had questions, and they were bad. Thankfully, the Constitution says I have to answer them anyway.

The IRS Presents Battle Red Bag-Related Submissions Post

You have questions, we have answers. Unless we don't like the questions.

Battle Red Bag, Vol. 15: And We'll Both Ride Home In My Battle Red Bag

After a hiatus, it's back and it's Bag. Battle Red Bag, Vol. 15. Featuring NWA, Archer, peanut butter, and Erin Esurance.

To Bag Or Not To Bag, That Is The Question

If it's summer, it must be Bag Time. Return of the Battle Red Bag!