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Battle Red Bag

Battle Red Bag, vol. 14: Battle Red Bag May Stick To Certain Types Of Skin

Battle Red Bag, vol. 14. Not a lot of Texans stuff, but a lot of not-Texans stuff.

Tears and Loathing in Las Recámaras: A Savage Journey To The Heart Of The Battle Red Bag

It's time to feed the Bag. Your weekly post in which I ask you to do half the work for me.

Battle Red Bag, vol. 13: What Is In This Man's Bag, Mother?!

Battle Red Bag, vol. 13: On Smurfs, Mistakes, Archer, Titanic, and a bunch of other stuff that makes even less sense.

We're Gettin' The Bag Back Together: The Return Of The Battle Red Bag

The Battle Red Bag returns for 2012. Toss out your good judgment and send your questions post-haste!

Battle Red Bag, Vol. 12: Bag-Related Pun Goes Here

Battle Red Bag. Where Lawrence Taylor, Archer, and the Dating Game collide.