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Houston Texans Podcast: Quite Sick

Matt Weston, TIM, and Rivers McCown, continue their discussion of not only the 2020 Houston Texans, but all of the years the Houston Texans have been a part of our lives.

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Although the Houston Texans are bad right now, one day they’ll be a good football team again. To drink the champagne cascading from another Wild Card Round win, you have to enjoy the toil, love the rubble, and dive deeper and deeper and deeper into the muck of the neverending pit. Everything is in and of itself. For there’s no good without the bad. There’s no Deshaun Watson without Tom Savage. There’s no (HEAD COACH) without Bill O’Brien. And so, what started off as a highly rehearsed, well dressed, very professional podcast regarding the Houston Texans divulged into free flowing conversation that took every course imaginable and swayed from flowery thoughts on the future to the disaster we’re currently living in.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt Weston, TIM, and Rivers McCown, continue talking about the Houston Texans. Topics include the most regrettable words we have written on this site, Julien Davenport’s Pro Football Focus grade, if (put the Kool-Aid down) Houston was correct not to sign Jadeveon Clowney to a $100 million contract, where Charles Hill went to college, West Texas notecards, Will Fuller trade hypotheticals, LOVE IT AND LIST IT with Zac Diles, Will Demps, and the years, the years, the years, the years.

Let’s start the show.

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