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BRB University

BRB University: Winning Football, Part II

Part two covering Gary Kubiak's winning ways derived from logistic regression.

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What's In A Name? A Look at the Pistol

One brave BRBer takes a look at the Pistol and how the Texans could potentially use it.

The Film Room: Trevardo Williams

You want an athletic pass rusher? You've got an athletic pass rusher. Brett breaks down Trevardo Williams, one of the newest additions to the Bulls on Parade.

BRB University: Winning Football Gary Kubiak Style

Gary Kubiak and the mighty Logistic Regression. Take a look inside the Texans' offensive numbers.

All 22: Andre's Game-Winner

Cool off with a fresh look at a another pivotal play from the Texans' 2012 season. Got a play you want me to take a look at? Leave it in the comments!

Unnecessary Film Study: Schaub To Andre

Let's have a look at just how proficiently the Texans execute a deep play action bomb during last year's game against the Denver Broncos

We Want To Hear From You!

SBNation has some powerful tools that let you share your thoughts with the Battle Red Blog community. Learn about them here. You'll finally have a place to publish that totally-not-weird manifesto of yours.

BRB University: The ABCs Of Offensive Line Play

Knowledge is power. Get the signals and learn more about the giants wandering the line of scrimmage.

The Film Room: Projecting The 2013 Texans Defense

I hope you missed reading my nonsensical ramblings as much as I missed writing them.

Salary Cap 101: Breaking Down The Joe Flacco Deal

And perhaps simultaneously feeling better about Matt Schaub's extension?

Kareem Jackson: Shutdown Corner

Kareem Jackson might not be lauded as the best defensive back in Houston, but he sure is playing like it.

The Film Room: Tim Dobbins and Bradie James

A look at how Houston's new starting inside linebackers are being used in Wade Phillips' scheme

Toward A Revised Draft Theory, Version 4.0

BRB Working Papers: Revision 4.0 of advanced NFL draft theory.

Past As Prologue: Wade Phillips, Year Two

What Hath Wade Wrought? A look at Wade Phillips' track record in year two.

Making Sense Of Dollars: A Salary Cap Primer Applied To Your Houston Texans

Trying to finally understand the salary cap. A look at the CBA and the Houston Texans.

Tags, Tenders, and Texans: Free Agency 101

Talking tags and tenders. A free agency primer, applied to the Texans.