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Countdown To Thursday Night Football: Panthers v. Texans

You’ve been waiting all day for Thursday night. Spend those last few hours/minutes/seconds with fellow Texans fans on BRB.

Houston Texans v Cleveland Browns Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

I don’t harbor any illusions about how difficult it’s going to be for a rookie quarterback, making his first NFL start, on a short week, against what may be the best defense in the league, in front of a national television audience to flourish tonight. Odds are the Texans and Davis Mills get destroyed.

But what were the odds the Texans would hire a 65 year old with no head coaching experience on any level to be their head coach? About the same, I reckon.

Yet here David Culley sits, the head ball coach of your Houston Texans. Longshots can come in. Dreams do come true. You just have to want it. If the Texans lose to the Panthers, it’s because you—yes, YOU—didn’t want it bad enough.

The game thread will post at 7:05 p.m. CDT. Until then, talk Texans-Panthers here. Let the countdown to Thursday Night Football begin!