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Deep Steel Blueprint

Deep Steel Blueprint: Flustering Flacco

On Sunday, Brian Cushing and the front seven need to be the ones who knock.

DSB: Houston's Best Bet? Dominate Defensively

Where does Houston hold the advantage over San Diego in Monday night's game? In its blitz-happy defense.

Offseason Moves: What Does Houston Need To Do?

Six Texans bloggers offer their opinions on what Houston needs to do to get to Super Bowl XLVIII.

Can Wade Change & Rely On A 4-Man Rush?

Battle Red Blog takes a look at what it may take for Wade Phillips to slow down Tom Brady. Is the key in moving J.J. Watt inside?

Blueprint: How The Texans Stack Up With Minnesota

Battle Red Blog takes a look at Sunday's match-up between the Texans and the Minnesota Vikings. Can Houston slow down Adrian Peterson's historic run?

Blueprint: Are The Colts The Cure For Houston?

After a devastating loss to New England, can the Texans rebound against the Colts and begin rebuilding their momentum and swagger?

Blueprint: Bulls On Parade Meet Golden Boy Brady

Can the Bulls-On-Parade slow down the NFL's best offense? Battle Red Blog takes a look at how Wade Phillips may tackle Tom Brady and Wes Welker.

DSB: A Houston Return To Normalcy

Will Tennessee changing offensive coordinators matter? Should fans expect another Matt Schaub Air Show? The Deep Steel Blueprint previews what Texans fans may see on Sunday.

DSB: A Look At How Houston Can Beat Detroit

In this week's Deep Steel Blueprint, Battle Red Blog takes a look at two reasons why Detroit is 4-6: their self-inflicted wounds and poor secondary.

Deep Steel Blueprint: Talking Jaguars & Duty

Is there anything the Texans should be worried about on Sunday?

Deep Steel Blueprint: Cracking the Chicago Code

This week in the Blueprint, Battle Red Blog digs into the daunting Chicago Bears and what Houston must do to win Sunday night's huge match-up.

Will The Texans Overcome The Buffalo Defense?

What can the Texans expect from a Buffalo defense led by former Texan Mario Williams and how will Houston exploit that?

Can the Cushingless Texans Shut Down Ray Rice?

This week's Blueprint focuses on how the Houston Texans could possibly deal with Rice while their All-Pro linebacker watches from the sideline.

Can Houston Exploit Green Bay's Weak Spot?

While some may think a high-scoring Sunday Night shootout is inevitable, is the Texans' best weapon of choice their three-headed rushing Hydra behind Duane Brown and Wade Smith?

Deep Steel Blueprint: What's Houston's MNF Plan?

With four games under our belt, the Deep Steel Blueprint begins to detail how the Texans can move the ball on offense and how the Jets may try and attack Houston's Bulls On Parade.

Houston's Not-So-Special Teams Problem

The Texans don't have to work too hard for a Blueprint to beat the Titans, but special teams could prove to be a big issue on Sunday.

Deep Steel Blueprint: The Most Manningful Of Games

Battle Red Blog takes a look at what the Houston Texans offense might see as they prepare for the Denver Broncos.

Deep Steel Blueprint: Taming Of The Jaguar Edition

Battle Red Blog takes a look at Sunday's key match-ups for the week two tilt between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans?

Deep Steel Blueprint: The 2012 Texans Strike Back

Battle Red Blog takes a look at why the Houston Texans should heed words of advice from Han Solo about their week one match-up with the Miami Dolphins.

Deep Steel Blueprint: Trying To Find Something To Say About Cleveland

Should the Cleveland Browns cause Texans fans to panic and worry about a loss?

Deep Steel Blueprint: Don't Sleep On Jacksonville's Run Defense

The Texans offense is built off the running game. Can they find any holes in the stout Jaguar run defense?

Deep Steel Blueprint: Instant Blitzin' Gonna Get You

How can the Texans slow down the Tennessee passing attack? Instant blitzing.

Deep Steel Blueprint: The Coverage Of Bernard

Can the Texans move the ball against Baltimore's vaunted defense?

Deep Steel Blueprint: Rich, Gooey Center Needs To Be Filled With Nougat

Can the Texans plug up the middle of the defense or will Rashad Mendenhall gash them for yards?

Deep Steel Blueprint: So How Does One Slow Down Drew Brees?

How can the Texans defense slow down Drew Brees?

Deep Steel Blueprint: Kubiak's Tight End Army Ready To Assault Miami

After Monday night, are Owen Daniels and James Casey among Houston's best weapons to use against Miami?

Deep Steel Blueprint: Texans' Success Is All On Wade And Gary

One writer's brief prediction of the 2011 Texans season and a look at what could and should happen in Sunday's game against the Colts.