Draft Profile: Marvin McNutt


We look at Iowa Hawkeye playmaker Marvin McNutt

SBN: NFL Mock Draft (02/24/12)


Is there anyone out there who would be happy with this pick at the moment?

Draft Profile: Audie Cole


We look at NC State linbacker Audie Cole. At 6'5" 239 lbs. he is another high motored player, but he could help at either the inside or outside linebacker position.

A Very Battle Red Blog Kinda Picture


When I saw this picture, I thought y'all would appreciate it more than anyone on the planet. It's even more random than accidentally finding the picture that is now Jordann's avatar. Just so many levels of amazing. Perhaps it is a sign. Hopefully a good sign.

Texans Draft Map: The Rick Smith Era


We breakdown General Managers Rick Smith plan of action when it comes to the draft and Map it out.

Draft Profile: Michael Brockers


We look at potential top 15 pick Michael Brockers from LSU. We know there in zero chance for him to fall to #26, but we still get a look at him.

Should Colleges Pay Student Athletes?


It's an old debate, but I thought this was an interesting opinion piece. I think the article is especially appropriate during draft time.

Don Banks: NFL Mock Draft (02/22/12)


When you read the Texans' pick here, remember who the first guy to trumpet this player as a legitimate possibility for Houston was.

Draft Profile: Sean Spence


We look an the undersized play making linebacker from the Miami Hurricanes, Sean Spence. Only at 6'0" 224 lbs. he is a tackling machine, could he use a position change?

SBN: NFL Mock Draft (02/20/12)


While the approaching NFL Combine will likely result in changes to several draft boards, I'm sure a sizable portion of the Houston fan base would be just fine with things shaking out like this on April 26th.