Another One Bites The Dust


Reddit user (and Texans fan) plank-sinatra blessed us this morning with the most painfully accurate summation of the Texans as a franchise that I have ever seen. Bask in the glory that is Star Wars: Revenge of the Schaub.

The Triumph of the Texans Leads Us On!


Glory to people's football team of Texas!

I've Read of This Only in Ancient Scrolls...


They speak of a mythical creature. Not a Griffin, not a Centaur, but a terrifying beast that is half man, half Q-tip...

Jaelen Strong (Still) Down 30 Pounds Since Last Year


Second-year Texans receiver Jaelen Strong is still doing everything in his power to improve on his up and down rookie season. From perfecting his route running skills with the footwork king, to having private practice sessions with Brock Osweiler, to keeping off his excess weight during the offseason, this is a kid who clearly wants to set the league on fire in 2016.

The Texans' 2016 Offseason In Photographic Form


Capt. Ron merged Bill O'Brien, the Texans' offseason acquisitions, and Top Gun, allowing us to unabashedly say, "I feel the need. The need for speed." That's it. Shut it down. We've peaked.

DeAndre Hopkins Approves of Braxton Miller's Selection


Hopkins, Fuller, Miller, Strong, and now the OTHER Miller. There might not be a single defense in the NFL that can stop all of this offensive firepower. Have fun out there, DeAndre!