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Freddy's Letters

Freddy's Letters: Wade Smith Has Been Bad

And he should FEEL bad.

Freddy's Letters: Previewing Chargers v. Texans

What does Freddy foresee as the Texans get ready to begin their season in San Diego tonight?

Kareem Jackson Gets His Apology

Yes, I went there.

Battle Red Radio: Tonight At 7 P.M. CT

Be there, or be sober. But don't be both.

Freddy's Letters: Long and Sanctimonious

Oh yes, there will be reprisal for this last week.

Freddy's Letters: An Appeal for Ethics

Just keeping up with this cycle of out-of-date news. How about you?

Freddy's Letters: Our Kingdom for a Nose Tackle

In an intastella burst, Freddy's here to save the universe.

Freddy's Letters: It's A New Season!

Freddy would like P8N to know that P8N P8N P8N and I think the Texans did something too. PS: P8N