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Battle Red Blog Groupthink: Houston Texans End of Season Direction

What should the Texans do as the end of the season draws closer? We have thoughts.

Battle Red Blog Groupthink: Stroud Slide or Success?

The BRB writers collect their thoughts on Stroud’s three-interception game.

Battle Red Blog Group Think: Bye Week Predictions

Houston enters it’s proverbial half-time at .500 but feeling a thousand percent better than last year

Battle Red Blog Groupthink: Texans’ Next Four Matchups Against NFC South

Houston Texans face the NFC South and the writers come together to discuss.

Battle Red Blog Groupthink: Instant reactions post-first win of 2023

The masthead gives their thoughts on last Sunday’s game against Jacksonville.

Battle Red Blog Groupthink: Optimism in Offense Or Defense

After two losses, the writers of the blog compare notes on both sides of the ball.

Battle Red Blog Groupthink: Houston Texans matchups against the Ravens

Houston faces off against Baltimore and football is back.

Battle Red Blog Groupthink: Worst Texans Catastrophe of All Time?

The Texans won and still managed to lose.

Battle Red Blog Groupthink: Levels of Concern

Can we stop all this success? I’m tired of WINNING.

BRB Groupthink: Texans Grapple Over QB Committee

Who should be under center? We discuss.

This stream has:

Texans vs. Chiefs: Everything you need to know for Week 15

This is your home for all things Texans/Chiefs this week.

Battle Red Blog Groupthink: Final Thoughts On Watson’s Return

The writers get together several days after the game to evaluate the state of the Texans while Deshaun Watson was in town.

BRB Groupthink: Can Kyle Allen Continue For Texans?

Analyzing the putrid performance of the backup QB

Battle Red Blog Groupthink: Worst Texans Offense Ever

Turkey Trot To This One Why Don’t You?

Battle Red Blog Groupthink: Going QB First Overall In NFL Draft or Davis Mills

Are the Texans ready for the future or is the time not just right?

Battle Red Blog Groupthink: Benching Davis Mills

The writers weigh in if we’ve seen enough of the Mills Mafia

Battle Red Blog Groupthink: Lovie’s Defense Out of Style?

Is the Tampa-Two too old for today’s football?

Battle Red Blog Groupthink: Jack Easterby Aftermath

Hit the road Jack and don’t you come no more no more no more no more...

BRB Groupthink: Should The Texans Keep Winning or Tanking?

The BRB writers answer whether they think the team should continue to win in 2022 or shut it down and lose for the draft.

BRB Groupthink: Most Impressive Texans Through Week Four

The writers gather to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

BRB Groupthink: Too Early to Question Pep Texans OC Pep Hamilton

BRB Groupthink: Impressed or Disappointed in Texans Week 1 Performance

Battle Red Blog’s writers get together to debate their feelings after the tie against the Colts

BRB Groupthink: Houston Texans 2022 Season 'Would You Rather’ Questions

The BRB hive got buzzing on their priorities heading into the season


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