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Rookie Review

Draft Class Potential: Derek Stingley Jr.

A look into the potential of new Houston Texans cornerback Derek Stingley Jr.

2022 NFL Draft: Texans Select Dameon Pierce, RB, Florida

Meet the newest Houston Texan, Dameon Pierce.

Andre Hal, PFF, And Utterly Meaningless Numbers

Are you a football fan that loves to cite obscure player grades in debates about your favorite football teams? should probably stop doing that. Brett Kollmann of Battle Red Blog explains why.

Rookie Review: Fiedorowicz, Prosch Pave The Way

Hybrid receiving tight ends and shifty "third down" backs may be popular in the NFL today, but the Texans have two rookies that might have the rarest skill set of them all - blocking.

Featured Fanshot

Kiper: Hopkins is top rookie through three weeks

Through three weeks, draft guru, and human brillo pad, Mel Kiper has named our very own DeAndre Hopkins as the best rookie of the young 2013 season. Here's hoping he'll be the best rookie by the end of it, too. 1. DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Houston Texans "He has been a key entity on offense thus far, showcasing terrific hands and the ability to come through when the defense knows he's a likely target. He's playing like a five-year veteran, not a rookie with just three games under his belt. So far, he also has been the perfect complement to Andre Johnson, with 18 catches to Johnson's 25, and 26 targets to Johnson's 35. "A couple of other things stick out to me. For one, Hopkins isn't just running in a straight line. He has shown a good diversity in his route running, and is showing some veteran chops. Secondly, he has exactly zero drops so far on 26 targets. When you add that up in the context of a position where it has been tough for rookies to deliver major impact year after year, you have the most impressive rookie to me so far."

2013 Rookie Review: Week One (Texans v. Chargers)

Brett Kollmann breaks out his beloved NFL Game Rewind and dives into the tape to grade out some of the youngest Texans looking to make an impact in the Texans' win over the Chargers in Week One.

The Film Room: D.J. Swearinger

The Film Room returns, now with GIFs! BRB takes a look at one of the most ferocious rookie safeties in 2013, D.J. Swearinger.

Rookie Review: Week 15

You might want to finish cooking that alfredo first. This Rookie Review is full of words.

Rookie Review: Week 13

I'm half sure Rick Smith is the smartest man in the world. Brandon Brooks is proof.

Rookie Review: Week 12 - NO MERCY!

Whitney Mercilus is finally going to start. It was nice knowing you, Locker.

Rookie Review: Weeks 7 and 9

I love me some Whitney Mercilus and Jared Crick.

Texans Rookie Review: Week Four

Brett devotes a new page of virtual ink to his love of Ben Jones.

Rookie Review: Week 2 (Texans @ Jaguars)

BRB's SoCalTexan takes a look at how the Texans rookies played in the Week Two win over the Jags in Jacksonville.

Rookie Review: Week 1 (Dolphins v. Texans)

BRB's newest writer breaks dowm the performance of several Texans rookies from the win over Miami.