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Houston Texans Bring Brian Cushing Back

But not as a player.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans
That’s Coach Cushing to you now.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Slightly less than a year ago, your Houston Texans cut Brian Cushing.

Although Cushing quickly visited the Seahawks and had a visit lined up with the Raiders that was canceled after Oakland signed Derrick Johnson, Cushing did not sign anywhere. The 2018 NFL season was the first one since the Texans selected him in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft that Cushing was not on an NFL roster.

Cushing never announced his retirement from the NFL, mind you. But the fact that he wasn’t employed last year likely meant he was effectively retired, whether it was by his choice or that of the league.

That retirement was short-lived. Cushing has now rejoined the only franchise he’s ever known. Not as a player, though. Cushing will work with the Texans’ strength and conditioning staff and assist the defensive coaches as needed.

Welcome back to the fold, Cush. We missed you.