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The Film Room

A breakdown of Houston Texans gameplay, players, and prospects with videos and GIFs.

2021 Houston Texans Season Preview

A yearly tradition, it’s another Texans season preview.

2021 NFL Gamepass Rankings: Part Two

An unbiased, algorithmic ranking of which teams are worth your time this season. Teams 16-1.

The Film Room: Nico Collins

The Texans have a new possession receiver, but is he any good?

The Film Room: Davis Mills

Is Davis Mills one of the same or something special?

2020 NFL Playoffs: Ten Things I Liked About the Super Wild Card Round

Our Josh Allen in the Super Wild Card Round, a COWARD’S punishment, Wyatt Teller pulling, naptime, and SIX other things I liked about the first weekend of the the 2020 NFL Playoffs.

Houston Texans Sack Tracker: Week 9

A win and two sacks to analyze.

The Film Room: Houston Texans Sack Tracker (Week 7)

Ain’t no lie baby bye-bye-bye.

The Film Room: Houston Texans Sack Tracker (Week Six)


The Film Room: Houston Texans Sack Tracker (Week Five)

One sack. One win. One happy fan base.

The Film Room: Houston Texans Sack Tracker (Week 4)

Reviewing every sack from the Texans’ loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

The Film Room: Houston Texans Sack Tracker (Week 3)

Add five more sacks to the books.

2020 Houston Texans Sack Tracker: Week 2

Watson wasn't having fun on Sunday.

The Film Room: The Texans Need More From Their Offensive Line

The investment hasn’t matched the results.

Houston Texans Film Review: Sack Tracker (Week 1)

Sacks on sacks on sacks on sacks.

The Film Room: Brandin Cooks (Part 2)

Brandin Cooks struggled late in 2019. Let’s see if we can find out why.

The Film Room: Brandin Cooks (Part 1)

Let’s look at Deshaun Watson’s newest weapon and the de facto Nuk replacement in Houston.

The Film Room: DeAndre Hopkins Review (Part 1)

In a series looking at the Hopkins loss and Cooks/Cobb gain, let’s start with one of Hop’s better performances in 2019.

Throwback Film Room: J.J. Watt Versus Bills (2014)

Step into the time machine and sing the body electric.

The Film Room: Justin Reid

Houston’s young safety should be a cornerstone of their defense for years to come.

Watch Deshaun Watson Break Down Texans Film

This is a treat.

The Film Room: How Brandin Cooks Fits In The Texans’ Offense

Cooks is exactly what the Texans need.

The Film Room: Jadeveon Clowney Is Still Undervalued And Unappreciated

Numbers may never lie, but sack totals do.

The Film Room: Is Charlie Heck The Texans’ Swing Tackle Of The Future?

Breaking down the film of the Texans’ most controversial selection in the 2020 NFL Draft.

The Film Room: Jonathan Greenard Is The Texans’ Best 2020 Draft Pick

Jonathan Greenard is a slam dunk third round selection.

The Film Room: Is Scottie Phillips A Diamond In The Rough?

Can he carry Arian Foster’s undrafted free agent running back lineage forward in Houston?

2020 NFL Draft: The Case For An Early Interior Defensive Line Selection

Houston’s interior pass rush doesn’t exist. It’s time for that to come to an end.

The Film Room: Brandin Cooks Is A Premier Deep Threat

As long as the concussions don’t derail his career, Brandin Cooks should finally give Deshaun Watson a consistent downfield receiving option.

The Film Room: Jordan Elliott Is One Of The Best Interior Defenders In The 2020 NFL Draft

Here’s why Elliott would be a slam dunk selection at #90 for the Houston Texans.

The Film Room (2020 NFL Draft): Amik Robertson Scouting Report

Robertson is the Patrick Beverley of football.

2020 NFL Draft: Marlon Davidson Is A Unicorn

Am I the first of my kind?

The Film Room: Breaking Down Jacob Martin’s 2019 Sacks

Get to know the Texans’ pass rush savior.

The Film Room: Tytus Howard & Max Scharping

The Texans’ 2019 rookie offensive linemen should be key contributors for years to come.

Ten Things I Liked About Super Bowl LIV

Kansas City’s comeback, Deebo Samuel reverses, trying to block Nick Bosa, the throw, and six other things Matt Weston liked about the LIV LAUGH LOVE Super Bowl.

The Film Room: Establishing The Run, The Buffalo Bills, And The Houston Texans

Bills. Texans. Houston’s big matchup advantage on paper isn’t that much of an advantage.

The Film Room: Zach Cunningham Is Having A Breakout Season

2019 was the year of the monster, and that monster is Zach Cunningham.

The Film Room: The Baltimore Ravens’ Unstoppable Run Offense

A breakdown of the league’s best rushing attack and what the Texans are up against this weekend.