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The Film Room

A breakdown of Houston Texans gameplay, players, and prospects with videos and GIFs.

The Film Room: A Closer Look At Davis Mills’ Performance Against The Chargers

How well did the rookie QB really play on Sunday?

The Film Room: The Anatomy Of A Kickoff Return Touchdown

The Texans go all the losing the first overall pick.

The Film Room: Revisiting The Texans’ 2019 NFL Draft Class

An in-depth look at Tytus Howard, Max Scharping, and Lonnie Johnson Jr.

Tyrod Taylor Film Review: A Hat Trick of Interceptions

Not the return we were hoping for, but the return we deserved.

The Film Room: Yes, Davis Mills Was Really Good Against New England

A look at the rookie QB’s stellar performance against the New England Patriots.

Texans-Patriots Preview: SIX Things to Watch For

The past is already past. Here are SIX things to watch for when the Texans play the Patriots.

The Film Room: The Tytus Howard, Left Guard, Experiment Isn’t Working

Houston’s run offense is failing the team. Moving Tytus Howard to guard hasn’t helped it.

Texans-Bills Preview: SIX Things to Watch For

How good is our God?

The Film Room: Davis Mills’ First NFL Start

Breaking down rookie QB Davis Mills TNF start for the Texans.

Texans-Browns Preview: SIX Things to Watch For

NOBODY BELIEVES IN US. It’s SIX things to watch for when the Texans play the Browns.

2021 Houston Texans Season Preview

A yearly tradition, it’s another Texans season preview.

2021 NFL Gamepass Rankings: Part Two

An unbiased, algorithmic ranking of which teams are worth your time this season. Teams 16-1.

The Film Room: Nico Collins

The Texans have a new possession receiver, but is he any good?

The Film Room: Davis Mills

Is Davis Mills one of the same or something special?

2020 NFL Playoffs: Ten Things I Liked About the Super Wild Card Round

Our Josh Allen in the Super Wild Card Round, a COWARD’S punishment, Wyatt Teller pulling, naptime, and SIX other things I liked about the first weekend of the the 2020 NFL Playoffs.

Houston Texans Sack Tracker: Week 9

A win and two sacks to analyze.

The Film Room: Houston Texans Sack Tracker (Week 7)

Ain’t no lie baby bye-bye-bye.

The Film Room: Houston Texans Sack Tracker (Week Six)


The Film Room: Houston Texans Sack Tracker (Week Five)

One sack. One win. One happy fan base.

The Film Room: Houston Texans Sack Tracker (Week 4)

Reviewing every sack from the Texans’ loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

The Film Room: Houston Texans Sack Tracker (Week 3)

Add five more sacks to the books.

2020 Houston Texans Sack Tracker: Week 2

Watson wasn't having fun on Sunday.

The Film Room: The Texans Need More From Their Offensive Line

The investment hasn’t matched the results.

Houston Texans Film Review: Sack Tracker (Week 1)

Sacks on sacks on sacks on sacks.

The Film Room: Brandin Cooks (Part 2)

Brandin Cooks struggled late in 2019. Let’s see if we can find out why.

The Film Room: Brandin Cooks (Part 1)

Let’s look at Deshaun Watson’s newest weapon and the de facto Nuk replacement in Houston.

The Film Room: DeAndre Hopkins Review (Part 1)

In a series looking at the Hopkins loss and Cooks/Cobb gain, let’s start with one of Hop’s better performances in 2019.

Throwback Film Room: J.J. Watt Versus Bills (2014)

Step into the time machine and sing the body electric.

The Film Room: Justin Reid

Houston’s young safety should be a cornerstone of their defense for years to come.

Watch Deshaun Watson Break Down Texans Film

This is a treat.

The Film Room: How Brandin Cooks Fits In The Texans’ Offense

Cooks is exactly what the Texans need.

The Film Room: Jadeveon Clowney Is Still Undervalued And Unappreciated

Numbers may never lie, but sack totals do.

The Film Room: Is Charlie Heck The Texans’ Swing Tackle Of The Future?

Breaking down the film of the Texans’ most controversial selection in the 2020 NFL Draft.

The Film Room: Jonathan Greenard Is The Texans’ Best 2020 Draft Pick

Jonathan Greenard is a slam dunk third round selection.

The Film Room: Is Scottie Phillips A Diamond In The Rough?

Can he carry Arian Foster’s undrafted free agent running back lineage forward in Houston?

2020 NFL Draft: The Case For An Early Interior Defensive Line Selection

Houston’s interior pass rush doesn’t exist. It’s time for that to come to an end.