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The Film Room: How The Ravens’ Defense Terrorizes Young Quarterbacks

If the Texans want to get anywhere in the AFC this season, they might have to go through Baltimore to do it, and that’s going to be a much tougher task than you think.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought that the Texans were the only team struggling to protect their quarterback this season, you thought wrong. Virtually every ball club that has faced the vaunted Ravens defense this year has had to endure a boatload of punishing hits to their quarterbacks in the process (except Cincinnati, weirdly enough), but no team more so than the Tennessee Titans last Sunday.

Marcus Mariota was sacked a whopping eleven (11!) times on the day, which is more sacks than passes Mariota completed throughout the game (10). Naturally, after seeing eye-popping numbers like that, I just had to dedicate an entire Film Room episode to that special brand of disaster.

However...what I did not anticipate is that in my quest to understand just what the hell happened in Nashville last week, I would also come to a very different conclusion about the Ravens’ prospects this week. Want to know more? Check out today’s episode of “The Film Room” below!