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The Film Room: Quinnen Williams Is The Best Defensive Tackle Prospect Since Aaron Donald

I’ve been waiting to make a legit comparison to the Rams’ DPOY. The wait is over.

NCAA Football: Auburn at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a trend the last three or four years to hype up seemingly every short or light defensive tackle as “the next Aaron Donald”. First it was Grady Jarrett, and then it was Jonathan Bullard, and then even just last year it was Taven Bryan. But most of those hope-filled comparisons have been mostly wrong, because I feel like people have mischaracterized what makes Donald so incredible in the first place.

Donald’s extraordinary dominance is not just about being ultra-explosive, or super flexible, or having a natural leverage advantage because of his size; rather, it’s about vision, instinct, and mastery of technique. There are a lot of fluid and explosive freak athletes in the NFL, but there’s only one Aaron Donald because he knows how to maximize his gifts to be the best possible football player he can be.

I have waited for five years to see another defensive tackle come out of college with the same uniquely terrifying combination of power, quickness, technique, and instincts as Aaron Donald. I’ve been waiting to see someone we can truly compare to Donald – and with Alabama’s Quinnen Williams entering the NFL this year, I think we have finally found our guy.

This week’s episode of “The Film Room” explores everything that makes Williams so comparable to Donald, as well as the reasons why he could be a potential first overall pick candidate for the Cardinals in the 2019 NFL Draft. Check it out below, and while you’re at it, let me know which prospects you want me to take a look at this draft season that actually have a shot of ending up in Houston!