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Houston Texans History

A brief Q&A with former Texan and NFL legend J.J. Watt

The former Texans defensive end sits down with BRB for a few questions.

Reexamining the Houston Texans’ Week 1 loss to Baltimore

Can the past tell us anything about the future? Let’s find out.

Analyzing Houston Texans Playoff Possibilities

Using NYT and ESPN data to reveal Houston’s chances to make the playoffs

The Houston Texans, C.J. Stroud, and Davis Mills Flashbacks

Let’s take a quick walk down Davis Mills lane.

Attending A Houston Texans Game at NRG in a New Era

This season features new in game environment, hospitality, and winning

Tennessee Titans take uniform fiasco to next level

Titans angling to be most hated franchise in pro sports at this rate

Former Houston Texans’ defensive back Kareem Jackson suspended 4 games

How would this sort of behavior play out with DeMeco Ryans?

Houston Texans’ QB C.J. Stroud sits alone at the top...

The celebrated rookie sets another record in Texans’ loss.

Was Former Texans DE JJ Watt’s 2014 Season the Greatest Single Season for a Defensive Player Ever?

It was outstanding, but just HOW outstanding?

What If? The Mario Williams Injury of 2011

Might the Texans have had a DPOY before J.J. Watt?

The Houston Texans and the Houston Rockets: The Grace Period is Over

For two of the Houston pro franchises, the slack for losing is all but gone.