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Houston Texans Injury News: Michael Thomas Out For Season With Torn Pectoral Muscle

No, the other Michael Thomas. The one who’s not on your fantasy team.

NFL: Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans, seeing veteran depth in the secondary and a special teams contributor, signed Michael Thomas to a one-year contract in the wake of their decision to release Tashaun Gipson. Thomas did what the Texans asked him to, playing well on Tracy Smith’s special teams unit and occasionally seeing the field at safety to considerably less fanfare. Unfortunately, Aaron Wilson reports that Thomas’ season has come to an end due to a torn pectoral muscle.

While Thomas didn’t make Texans fans forget about Gipson, he was by all accounts a leader in Houston’s locker room and a steadying presence on the team. He will be missed. Best of luck to him as he battles back from surgery to continue his NFL career.

UPDATE: Thomas is out of surgery and positive about his future. That’s good to see.