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Video: Take The Time To Enjoy Some Of Andre Johnson's Best Plays

No one knows what will happen with Andre Johnson holding out of upcoming training camps and possibly retiring, but what we can do is look back and enjoy some of the finer moments of his career.

As we all know by now, Andre Johnson isn't happy. He hates losing, and he's had to endure more of it than anyone should be expected to. He's been through some lows, but nothing was lower than the entirety of the 2013 season. Yes, the team has gone 2-14 before, but not after the added expectations from back-to-back division titles and playoff victories.

He thought he had gotten through the worst of it. He'd paid his penance. He had figuratively crawled through 500 yards of shit like Andy Dufrane only to find himself right back in his jail cell. The light at the end of the tunnel was a lie. Sometimes the sports gods get it wrong or are especially cruel. It's not supposed to be like this for the great ones like Andre, but it happens all too often.

So what can we do? Nothing really, except look back and enjoy a great man doing great things on the football field. We look back and hope that our silent adoration somehow makes Andre feel less upset.

I'm a sucker for highlight videos, and this is one of the better ones that I found on YouTube. Great highlights, not too much filler and a not-annoying song selection. The video was made in December of 2012, but the lyrics are surprisingly prescient for the current situation.


Leave your thoughts, thanks and anything else down in the Comments.

"Talking To Myself"


If you ever see me talking to myself

I'm just running through the words I have to say to you

Is it over, or is it too soon to tell?

I'm just trying not push myself away from you

[Verse 1:]

I know we arguing, I know we fight a lot

You always think I'm wrong, I think I'm right a lot

And when you see me don't I always make your day

You from BK, but you can't always have it your way

She wanna hit the city, ripping the mall

I always seem to be busy, she expecting my call

The fast life could make us happiest, upsettin' us all

Cause all the anniversaries, forgettin' 'em all

But don't be mad, love, I know where it's at love

She Jolie but it's pitiful, that's that Brad love

What happens when it all goes wrong, we was nice, generosity

And impossibly enough, it's animosity

I think I gotta just change up my game plan

Cause she ain't gon' fall back in love with the same man

But no matter what weather or what the rain bring

In the end I'm coming back for the same thing.