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2019 NFL Schedule Release: Tracking Leaks, Rumors

While we wait for the official NFL schedule release, we talk leaks and whispers here on BRB.

Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City - Premier League
The Texans will be here in early November.
Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

The NFL will release its 2019 regular season schedule at 7 p.m. CDT tonight, which means we should be treated to a few leaks of what that schedule looks like in the hours leading up to the official announcement. The league has already published the times and dates of the five games that’ll be played outside the United States during the upcoming season; we knew the Texans would be playing the Jaguars in London for one of those games, and now we know when it’ll be.

The rest of the “International Series”:

We’ll update this post as we can throughout the rest of the day with any other Texans-related news. If you see something from a reputable source, please leave it in the Comments. Otherwise, feel free to memorialize your best guess as to what the Texans’ 2019 slate will look like, complete with who’ll they’ll face in prime-time.

Here’s a list of Houston’s 2019 opponents to get you started.

UPDATE: It appears the Texans will host the Patriots for Sunday Night Football on December 1st.

UPDATE II: Could the Texans be opening their regular season in New Orleans on Monday Night Football against the Saints?

UPDATE III: The schedule is out, and you can find it here.