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2020 NFL Schedule Remains On Track For Release Next Week

There’s been rumors to the contrary, but the NFL says it still plans to publish the 2020 schedule as promised.

Super Bowl LI Pregame Show Press Conference Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

We’ve been told the NFL will release its 2020 regular season schedule “no later” than May 9th. Over the last couple of weeks, however, there’s been talk that the schedule release could be delayed as the league continues to consider possible scenarios in the Age of COVID-19. Some have opined that it doesn’t make any sense for the NFL to announce a schedule that begins in September when there’s still quite a bit of uncertainty as to whether it’ll be safe to play in September.

Whether that’s the case or not, the NFL’s lead public relations officer reiterated earlier this week that the 2020 regular season schedule “should be out by May 9th.”

Now, that’s hardly committal terminology; “should be” is not “will be.” And it remains to be seen whether the schedule released by the NFL will include some sort of qualifying language (e.g., that Week 1 is tentatively scheduled to begin on September 10th but could be delayed, or that this is the order each team will play its 2020 opponents but the dates are subject to change, etc.).

With those caveats in mind, however, it does appear we’ll learn the Texans’ 2020 schedule (we already know who they’ll be playing and where ) on or before next Saturday. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: The NFL announced the 2020 regular season schedule will be published on Thursday, May 7th.