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Report: Jamal Adams Demands Trade, Lists Texans As One Of His Preferred Landing Spots

In which Texans fans try to convince themselves this could actually happen.

Oakland Raiders v New York Jets Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

Earlier this afternoon, Twitter lit up with reports that Jamal Adams, the New York Jets’ All-Pro safety, informed management that he wants out of New York New Jersey.

If Adams isn’t the best safety in the NFL right now, he’s undoubtedly on a very, very short list of players who are in the discussion for that title. If you’re not familiar with Adams’ exceptional work, I give you this tweet from Field Yates:

So, yeah...Adams is a monster and would be a tremendous asset for any team that could acquire him, even with a market-setting contract extension looming. Of course, the Texans are hardly in prime position to trade for Adams, thanks to their dearth of premium draft picks in 2021, Laremy Tunsil’s recent top-of-the-market extension, and Deshaun Watson’s inevitable outlandish franchise quarterback deal on the horizon. It’s silly to daydream about Jamal Adams becoming a Houston Tex-...

/wipes brow

Fine. One of seven teams. It’s still not realis-...


/comes to

/remembers Bill O’Brien is Houston’s general manager

/thinks what Houston’s secondary would look like with Jamal Adams and Justin Reid patrolling the back end

/faints again

A man can dream, and he should. While every kernel of objective analysis ruminating from a rational mind screams that the Texans lack the goods to entice the Jets into a trade, who here envisioned a world where DeAndre Hopkins wasn’t a Texan? If we’ve learned anything on the insane ride that is “Bill O’Brien, Emperor of Houston Football,” it’s that EVERYTHING is in play. And it’s not like Texans fans are the only ones who know that.

Never say never. You can almost surely say the Texans ain’t trading for Jamal Adams, but you can’t completely discount the possibility of Houston putting together a crazy package that results in Adams heading to Houston. Bill O’Brien is in charge, and that means anything is possible.