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NFL Rumors: Antonio Brown To The Texans?

Rumors swirl that the mercurial receiver could find work in Houston with the Texans.

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Few players have had the whirlwind journey through the NFL spotlight like that of former Pittsburgh Steeler (and New England Patriot and Oakland Raider) Antonio Brown. One of the best receivers of his generation, Brown is the quintessential combination of hands and speed that allows a big armed quarterback to take the field in huge chunks at will.

Unfortunately, Brown brings a lot of baggage with all that talent. Not unlike Randy Moss, Steve Smith, Chad Johnson, and other wide receivers who played the position with a large helping of diva tendencies, Brown garners an equal amount of headlines for on-field fireworks and off-field drama.

While it’s little more than a rumor at this point, there’s definitely some smoke to the potential fire of Brown’s next employer being none other than your Houston Texans. Chad Johnson Ochocinco himself seems to have started the chatter.

While this tweet might seem innocuous at first glance, Johnson is Brown’s mentor and close friend, which by default makes the former Bengals start someone with unique insight.

Deshaun Watson had this to say in response to Ochocinco’s tweet:

It would be hard to argue with how utterly unstoppable an offense led by Deshaun Watson, featuring Brandin Cooks, Antonio Brown, Randall Cobb, Will Fuller, Kenny Stills, Duke Johnson, David Johnson and Darren Fells would instantly become. That is, if Bill O’Brien could manage all those personalities.

Unfortunately, Brown’s arrival would most likely make Kenny Stills and/or Will Fuller instantly expendable. Maybe O’Brien could trade one or both to a wideout-needy team in exchange for a solid defender or bull dozing tailback?

With Antonio Brown’s history of drama with the Steelers, Raiders, and Patriots, bringing him into a healthy locker room is certainly a “Are we poisoning the well?” gamble. For a guy like O’Brien who seems to be all about winning at all costs, perhaps the gamble is worth it.

If you’re not on the tip of the Brown timeline, SI has a Cliff Notes version for you here.

Either way, if AB can “be the best teammate he can be” in Houston, the Texans immediately become Super Bowl contenders on the strength of the offense alone.

What do you think? Should O’Brien tender an offer to Antonio Brown or no?