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Bill O’Brien Set To Become Next Offensive Coordinator At Alabama

On to browner pastures.

Washington Redskins v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

In case you forgot, the Houston Texans started the 2020 NFL season 0-4, digging themselves an enormous hole, the type of hole only one team had ever climbed out of before to make the NFL Playoffs. After losses to the Chiefs, Ravens, Steelers, and Vikings and fielding a team that just looked empty, listless, uninspired, and unprepared, Cal McNair (or Jack Easterby) had seen enough. Bill O’Brien was fired, failing to make it through his seventh year as the Texans’ head coach.

For Texans fans, it was a joyous occasion. A welcome day where we got our football team back. We were no longer bogged down by O’Brien’s mediocre to terrible offense, his despicable moves as general manager, or his hysterical in-game decisions.

To others, however, O’Brien became a great coaching candidate. They know him from his time in charge at Penn State, his ties to the Patriots, and his “success” at the NFL level. No matter how badly things ended in Houston, no matter how horrible the franchise looks now, Bill O’Brien was always going to get another coaching job as soon as he decided he wanted one.

As a result, it should come as a surprise to no one that Bill O’Brien is reportedly finalizing a deal to become the next offensive coordinator at Alabama.

O’Brien will be the latest patient to enter Nick Saban’s rehab facility for failed coaches. Lane Kiffin, Brian Daboll, and Steve Sarkisian all previously took on the offensive coordinator role at Alabama. Kiffin turned it into head coaching jobs at Florida Atlantic and now Ole Miss. Daboll became the offensive coordinator of the Bills. Less than two weeks ago, Sarkisian turned his time at Bama into the head coaching job at Texas.

O’Brien will try to do the same now. Let’s see if he can follow the footsteps of those that came before him and become a head coach again, perhaps as early as next season.