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Rumor: Deshaun Watson Prefers Jets To Dolphins In Trade

Maybe he likes Fireman Ed?

NFL: Houston Texans at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, it was reported by Miami Herald’s Armando Salguero that Deshaun Watson, if he’s traded (here’s where we note that Watson has still not told the Texans he wants out), apparently prefers the New York Jets as a landing spot above all other teams in the NFL, with the Miami Dolphins landing at #2 on his list of possible destinations.

Watson this week told people the Jets are his top preference among the teams he’d like to be traded to because they hired Robert Saleh to be their coach and Watson values Saleh so much he wanted the Texans to interview him for their vacant head coach job.

Watson confirmed reports, circulated for several weeks in national media, he’d also welcome playing for the Dolphins but said that is his second choice at this time.

Deshaun Watson’s frustrations with the Texans have been reported ad nauseum, but among the rubble, it was mentioned that Watson allegedly had a list of preferred head coaches he’d like the Texans to interview before making their new hire. We knew that Eric Bieniemy was on that list, and Salguero is reporting something else that was rumored—new Jets head coach Robert Saleh was a Watson target as well.

Saleh was the defensive coordinator for the 49ers the past four seasons. He developed a reputation of being a fantastic coach and league-leading defensive mind. His success in San Francisco backs up the hype around him. Most believe that the Jets found a good head coach in Saleh, including cornerback Richard Sherman.

It appears the Texans’ franchise quarterback shares Sherman’s admiration for Saleh. Miami, without a doubt, has a better team right now and could immediately be considered a plausible Super Bowl contender if they acquired Watson, but the Jets have the most draft picks of any team in the league over the next two years, tons of cap space, a good general manager, and now a promising head coach. The Jets would be Deshaun Watson’s team in the city that never sleeps, and it’s hard to say no to those bright lights.

Fire Jack Easterby.

What do you think of these recent developments? Can you imagine Deshaun Watson in green, or is the pain too harsh? Let us know in the comments below.

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