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Report: Houston Texans Will Cut Anthony Miller

Another player who cost something to acquire in trade, only to be sent packing in shockingly short order.

Carolina Panthers v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

A little more than two months ago, your Houston Texans executed a trade with the Bears to acquire Anthony Miller. Today, the Texans will reportedly cut the wide receiver.

Miller’s extraordinarily brief time in Houston was most notable for how little he actually played after he suffered a dislocated shoulder in the preseason opener against the Packers. Miller proceeded to miss the remainder of the preseason and the Texans’ first two regular season games before suiting up for Thursday Night Football against the Panthers, where he scored Houston’s sole touchdown of the evening. His sudden release means he posted a total of five catches for 23 yards in two games for the organization that parted with a fifth-round pick to procure his services.

The Texans never got what they hoped for, and now Miller will look for work elsewhere. In terms of why the team decided they needed to summarily excise Miller from the roster, let the speculation commence.

UPDATE: What we do know, however, is that Miller is the fourth Texan in Nick Caserio’s brief tenure as general manager cut shortly after Houston surrendered draft picks to acquire said player(s). Anthony Miller joins Ex-ans Ryan Finley, Ryan Izzo, and Ka’dar Hollman on that illustrious list.