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Houston Texans News: Davis Mills Named Starting Quarterback For Remainder Of 2021 Season

This is the way.

NFL: Houston Texans at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Texans suck. They are 2-10. This is not a record borne of bad luck or unfortunate breaks; they have earned every bit of this failure. Houston’s roster is nearly bare of NFL starting caliber talent, and Nick Caserio has a monstrous task ahead of him in attempting to address those woes in the offseason. One such position that must be confronted is quarterback. Namely, is Davis Mills someone the franchise should feel comfortable with as their starting quarterback in 2022?

Thanks to Tyrod Taylor’s injury in Week Two, the Texans have already been treated to six (6) Davis Mills starts, with an additional two (2) Mills relief appearances against the Browns and Colts. You may have seen enough in that action to determine whether you support Mills as Houston’s QB1 next season, but it remains a relatively small sample size. The smart play was always going to be ensuring that Mills got plenty of snaps as the 2021 season winds down so the Texans could have as much information as possible when determining whether and/or how they should approach the quarterback quandary.

While the Texans have botched virtually every major decision on and off the field this season, they got this one right. This morning, David Culley announced Davis Mills would be Houston’s starting quarterback for the rest of the 2021 season.

Naturally, Tyrod Taylor isn’t happy.

Frankly, Taylor’s abysmal performance since he returned from the aforementioned hamstring injury probably made this decision even easier for the shot-callers in the organization. So good on him, I suppose.

Despite Culley and Co.’s assurances to the contrary, Davis Mills doesn’t give the Texans a better chance to win football games. But getting more data in a lost season to enable Nick Caserio to make a more informed decision about the team’s future at the most important position on the field? That’s a rare win for this franchise.