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Houston Texans Cut Josh McCown

There goes the dream of McCown being a Texans’ player-head coach.

NFL: DEC 15 Texans at Jets Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Your Houston Texans finally parted ways with a quarterback today. No, you silly goose. It’s not Deshaun Watson. It’s Josh McCown.

The Texans signed McCown late in the 2020 season as an insurance policy of sorts. You know, way back in early November. Back before you had that taste of ash in your mouth that just won’t go away of as you sullenly witness the football team you love burn, day after day, the fire never showing even the slightest inclination of dissipating.

But McCown—he’ll probably start a coaching career in earnest soon, even if it’s not as the newest head coach of the Texans. For now, anyway.

With Josh McCown’s release, Deshaun Watson is the only quarterback currently under contract in Houston for the 2021 season. Thank goodness things are totally under control with the franchise quarterback, or I’d be mortified that the organization really had no idea what it was doing and was simply rolling down an unobstructed path, at an increasing rate of velocity, toward a cliff.