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David Johnson Restructures Contract To Remain In Houston

It looks like we’ll be keeping our other Johnson after all.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Schefter reported that the Texans have restructured David Johnson’s existing contract to keep the veteran running back in Houston for 2021. Johnson’s new deal is worth up to $6 million, with $4.25 million guaranteed.

After the release of Duke Johnson, some speculated that the other foot would drop with David Johnson being let go. However, it seems that the Texans valued what the elder Johnson brought to the table.

Johnson produced 691 rushing yards and 314 receiving yards through 12 games in his first season with the Texans in 2020 after the team acquired him from the Cardinals in the DeAndre Hopkins trade. With Deshaun Watson’s status with the team in limbo, the Texans may lean on Johnson even harder next year with an unknown commodity at quarterback. Considering Johnson’s injury history, it would be wise for the team to have someone else to split the workload next season.

While paying Johnson this much money will be sure to cause unrest within an already unsettled fan base, ownership (and the weird little snake man whispering in his ear) is clearly unwilling to cut ties so quickly with the crown jewel of that Hopkins trade.

UPDATE: Instead of cutting David Johnson and saving $6.9 million, the Texans chose to promise Johnson $4.25 million with a chance to pay him $6 million in 2021. That’s at least an $11.15 million cap swing and could be as much as a $12.9 million difference between Door A and Door B.