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The Current State Of The Texans’ Salary Cap Situation

With all the signings and restructurings, one smart analyst tells us where the Texans sit at the moment.

Stadium with Dollar Sign by Franklin McMahon Photo by �� Franklin McMahon/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images

Say what you will about the circumstances under which he was hired, but you can’t say that Nick Caserio is lazy. Since free agency began, Caserio has wheeled and dealed (or would it be dealt?) more than any other GM in the NFL. Now that we appear to have hit a bit of a lull in the free agency process, what’s the Texans’ salary cap situation right now?

Whenever I’m faced with that question, I turn to TexansCap; Troy is quite simply the best around when it comes to deciphering the contractual and cap issues facing your Houston Texans. As of last night, here’s what the Texans are playing with:

A more detailed look at the numbers, including what’s already on the books for the next few seasons, can be found here:

What, if any, reaction do you have to that data?