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Report: NFL, NFLPA Agree To Salary Cap For 2022

And it’s a sizable increase over 2021.

Bud Light And Marcus Allen Launch NFL Fan Camp Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Bud Lite

As it did with nearly every facet of life since it appeared on the scene, COVID-19 dramatically affected the NFL. One such tangible effect was on the league’s salary cap, which dipped from $198,200,000.00 to $182,500,00.00. And just like everyday life is starting to creep back toward some sense of normalcy, so too shall the NFL’s finances. Dan Graziano is reporting that the cap is expected to jump from $182,500,000.00 to $208,200,000.00 in 2022.

Although the Texans currently have more than $200,000,000.00 in cap dollars already earmarked for 2022, it stands to reason they’ll be able to shed or adjust a sizable portion of those commitments if they choose to do so.

Free agency in 2022 has a chance to be crazier than it’s been in awhile.