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Houston Texans News: James Liipfert, Matt Bazirgan Promoted

Moving on up in the world.

Titans v Texans Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

While you were enjoying the beginning of the summer over Memorial Day Weekend, Nick Caserio was making front office decisions. Aaron Wilson reported yesterday that two current employees are receiving promotions to co-anchor the position of Assistant Director of Player Personnel.

Bazirgan had a long tenure with the New York Jets before coming down to Houston in 2018. You may recall that he interviewed for the GM position before Caserio landed it. Liipfert spent nine years in New England as a scout before coming to Houston in 2018. Both will become the Co-Assistant Directors of Player Personnel. Dwight Schrute would be jealous.

Each gentleman has been hard at work helping the Texans select the correct 12 linebackers to sign in free agency this past offseason, and each will be sifting through other teams’ cuts once training camp arrives and there are new veterans who suddenly found themselves without a job. Congrats to both Bazirgan and Liipfert on the promotion.