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Houston Texans 2013 Season Preview

Get a glimpse at the 2013 Houston Texans season before it happens with previews, player profiles, and season predictions.

2013 AFC South Preview: Houston Texans

Matt finishes his imaginary tour around the AFC South in 2013 before the first weekend of regular season games starts. The last stop: Houston. Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

Quessenberry, Williams Have Surgery

One of those should not be a surprise to Texans fans. The other qualifies as a shocker, especially now that we know what kind of injury he had.

BRB Writers: 2013 NFL Predictions

The Battle Red Blog writers make their picks and predictions on the upcoming 2013 NFL season.

Featured Fanshot

Backup QB is settled

"We’ll go into the season starting with T.J. as our ‘two,’" Kubiak said while adding, "It doesn’t mean we’re set for the season, but that’s the way we’ll start. I couldn’t have made a wrong decisio...
Head Coach Gary Kubiak via Chron...

Texans Injuries: David Quessenberry Lost For Year

One of the Texans' sixth-round picks from the 2013 NFL Draft has been lost for the season after suffering an injury in practice. Does this affect the Texans' offensive line?

2013 AFC South Preview: Tennessee Titans

Matt makes the third stop on his imaginary tour around the AFC South in 2013 before the regular season starts. The third stop: Nashville.

Texans, Cushing Agree To 6-Year Extension

Keep your franchise tags in your pants, inside linebacker Brian Cushing has a contract with the Houston Texans through the 2019 season.

Unnecessary Film Study: Wrapping Up the Preseason

Take a look back at some interesting plays from this year's preseason campaign from your Houston Texans.

Houston Texans Practice Squad: 8 Players Signed

All of Sunday passed without the Texans announcing which players they'd signed to their 2013 practice squad. Fortunately, we got word Monday morning about which players would actually comprise the practice squad this year.

Texans 2013 Season Preview: Q&A With SB Nation

SB Nation posed nine questions to each of its NFL blogs. See how Battle Red Blog answered those questions about the Houston Texans in this post.

Houston Texans Practice Squad: Who's Eligible?

With NFL practice squads due to be announced later today, check out Battle Red Blog to see the rules about which players are eligible for the Texans' practice squad.

Final Projection For Texans' 53-Man Roster

We've been tilting at windmills for weeks about how the Texans' first 53-man roster for the 2013 regular season will look. Now that the preseason's in the books, here's one fan's guess. Memorialize your best estimate with other Texans fans, too.

Projecting The Houston Texans' 53-Man Roster

It's been a month or so since we had a post asking you to call your shot about who'll make the Texans' 53 man roster. Who makes the team?

This Week In Pictures

Check out some of the stellar photography captured in Sunday's game against the Saints.

Which Texans Will Be Cut To Get Roster To 75?

The first cut deadline is tomorrow afternoon. Which current members of the 2013 Houston Texans roster are likely to be looking for a new job?

Which Texan(s) Will Breakout For Fantasy Football?

The Texans have a handful of proven fantasy football producers. Which players on the current roster are best positioned to add their name to that list?

Glengarry Derek Newton

Coffee and starting positions on playoff teams are for closers. Is that you, Derek Newton?

Antonio Smith's Appeal Denied

The NFL acted quickly in hearing and adjudicating Antonio Smith's appeal of the suspension handed down for Smith's swinging of a helmet at Richie Incognito.

T.J. Yates v. Case Keenum

Perhaps no topic has stirred Texans fans throughout the preseason quite like the issue of who will be second on the Texans' QB depth chart when the regular season opens. Where do you stand on the issue and why?

2013 AFC South Preview: Indianapolis Colts

Matt from Battle Red Blog continues his imaginary tour around the AFC South in 2013 before the regular season starts. The second stop: Indianapolis.

Video: Arian Foster Returns To Practice

Arian Foster is off the PUP List and returned to Texans practice today. Don't believe it? Check out the video of Foster practicing today.

Antonio Smith Will Appeal Suspension

No surprise there. Mark Berman of Fox 26 got the word from Antonio Smith himself. See what the Texans' Ninja Assassin had to say about the NFL suspending him for the rest of the preseason and one regular season game.

Topic For Concern: Matt Schaub's Limitations

How worried are you about Matt Schaub?

BREAKING NEWS: Antonio Smith Suspended

Texans fans knew a suspension was coming. Now we know exactly how much time Antonio Smith will miss for swinging a helmet at Richie Incognito in last Saturday's Texans-Dolphins game.

D.J. Swearinger & The Hit On Dustin Keller

Matt from Battle Red Blog explores the ramifications of D.J. Swearinger's season-ending hit on Dustin Keller and on the upcoming season.

Should We Start Worrying About Arian Foster?

All that talk about Arian Foster potentially returning to the field tomorrow? Not gonna happen, says Gary Kubiak. When do Texans fans start legitimately worrying about their franchise running back's health?

Texans-Dolphins: What To Watch For

With the Texans second preseason game of the 2013 season scheduled to kick off tomorrow night, what things should Texans fans keep an eye on?

2013 AFC South Preview: Jacksonville Jaguars

Matt begins his imaginary tour around the AFC South in 2013 before the regular seaon starts. The first stop: Jacksonville.

Texans Are Fifth Most Valuable Franchise In NFL

Read on to see exactly how much they're worth, as well as how much every NFL team is worth by Forbes' estimates. It's especially impressive when you compare it to what Bob McNair & Co. paid for the team.

Blaine Gabbert: The Real American (with Proof!)

One of the most unintentionally hilarious videos ever made.

Reliant Stadium Now Has The Longest Video Boards

In the world! Until next year, anyway. But does it even matter?

SITE NEWS: Houston Texans Game Day On BRB

There's no better place for Texans fans to congregate and chat than Battle Red Blog. Check out how we'll be handling Texans game days this year.

Texans v. Vikings: 5 Questions For Daily Norseman

Chris from the Daily Norseman stops by to answer all of our burning questions as Texans fans about the Vikings and their ridiculous amount of first round picks before Friday night's preseason opener in Minnesota.

Where Are The 2013 Houston Texans Strongest?

With the 2013 preseason beginning, what do you think is the Houston Texans' greatest positional strength?

Featured Fanshot

Texans Using Pistol Formation?

This is pretty interesting to think about. The Texans have been using this formation during training camp and Head Coach Gary Kubiak has noted it could be an option for the team to use in 2013.

Time to start reading up on the formation and imagining the possibilities!

And to be clear, the Pistol formation doesn't mean the read option will be used.

Texans Traveling 8th Most in 2013

16,000 miles of flight sounds like a lot until you take a look at who's traveling the most.


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