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The Pregame

MDC's pregame information chock full of everything you need to know about that week's Texans game.

The Pregame Week 15: Texans @ Colts

This nightmare of a season is nearly over, but until then it is your responsibility as a fan to rile up as much hate as possible. Get angry before Texans-Colts.

The Pregame Week 14: Texans @ Jaguars

The hate comes early this week as the Texans play the Jaguars on Thursday Night Football.

The Pregame: Week 13

If you're a real American, you probably already hate the Patriots, but this can't hurt. Check out BRB's Pregame before Texans-Patriots.

The Pregame Week 12: Jaguars @ Texans

If you're finding it hard to get worked up for a matchup featuring two teams that have won a combined three games, this should help. Or at least it will point you to a good beer.

The Pregame Week 11: Raiders @ Texans

Hate the Raiders? Well, you will now. Check out The Pregame before Houston plays Oakland on Sunday.

The Pregame Week 10: Texans @ Cardinals

The Texans only play the Cardinals once every four years, but that doesn't make them exempt from the hate train.

The Pregame: Week 7 (Texans v. Chiefs)

There's at least a 2% probability that the Texans struggles this season are due in part to the fan base not being able to generate enough hatred for the opponent. That ends now.

The Pregame: When Hate Comes Easy

If you can't find things to hate about the Titans, you're just not trying.

The Pregame: Week 11, 2012

Jacksonville rides the hate train into Houston.

The Pregame: Texans v. Bills, Wk. 9

Your weekly recommended dose of haterade.

The Pregame: Hating The Ratbirds

Will Baltimore stay undefeated against Houston? Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."

The Pregame: Trash Talking the NY Jets

Whether you want to hate the Jets or just talk trash, The Pregame has you covered.

The Pregame: Important Facts About Texans v Titans

A look at all things relevant to the Texans v. Titans, from weather and betting lines to injuries and reasons to hate the Titans and the state of Tennessee generally.