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What Are The Five Most Significant Events In Texans History?

With the NFL offseason comes plenty of time to ask the big questions in life. If they happen to generate content and discussion on this Houston Texans fan site, all the better! Today we talk about significant events in the history of the franchise.

Houston Texans owner Bob McNair (L) and NFL Commis Photo credit should read JAMES NIELSEN/AFP via Getty Images

With seemingly endless questions about what the resumption of NFL activities will look like in the Era of Coronavirus, the painful reality of the NFL offseason marches forward. That means it’s time for a post here on BRB that opens the floor up to discussion with a simple, inane question. Think of it as the latest chapter of a book you really don’t enjoy reading but have resolved to finish out of some warped sense of duty, or because the remote is just out of arm’s reach, or because you have now literally watched every freaking thing Netflix has to offer.

To that end, gentle reader, I ask you: What are the five (5) most significant events in the history of the Houston Texans franchise?

Kindly give your itemized list, complete with your reasoning for same, in the Comments below.