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Design The Texans’ All-Time Offense

You know we are in the offseason when the discussion posts come home to roost. In this entry, Texans fans talk scan the franchise’s history to assemble an all-time offense.

TITANS VS. TEXANS Photo by George Bridges/MCT/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

It’s time for another always occasionally popular discussion post here on BRB. This week’s challenge is simple. In looking at every offensive player who has ever suited up for the Texans, chose eleven (11) athletes you believe would form the best possible offensive unit for your Houston Texans.

If that means starting five wide receivers, so be it. Want to incorporate two tight ends? Go for it. Drooling over the opportunity to finally bring back the Wing-T? Make it happen, cap’n.

With that, the studio space is yours. Leave your suggestion of the franchise’s top offensive amalgamation in the Comments.