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If You Could Ask David Culley One Question And He Had To Answer It Truthfully, What Would It Be?

With the NFL offseason comes plenty of time to ask the big questions in life. If they happen to generate content and discussion on this Houston Texans fan site, all the better!

Philadelphia Eagles v Houston Texans

Once upon a time, in far happier days, I queried you with a hypothetical about Bill O’Brien. Now, in the name of oiffseason content, I pose the same thought exercise about new Texans head coach David Culley:

Imagine a fantastical world where everyone tells the truth. Imagine further that not even NFL coaches are immune from this maxim. Instead of cliches about working hard, vague references to the health of specific players, or nonresponsive answer piled atop nonresponsive answer, these coaches must provide complete and truthful responses.

You, a fan of the Houston Texans, have been granted a brief audience with the head coach of the Houston Texans, David Culley. You get to ask Culley a single question that he must and will answer honestly. No misdirection, no dismissal, no witty snark, no half-truth; your question will be answered in full candor.

What question would you ask? Why?

Kindly leave your answers in the Comments below.