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Incompletions: Texans-Titans (Keep Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ WHAT?)

With so much to write and talk about after every game, and not enough time for one person to write about it all, the masthead joins together and writes about the Texans’ obliteration of their country cousins.

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Matt Weston:

Each and every thing that occurs on this mortal plane is simply a transitory experience. Here for a moment, gone again the next. It all disappears and dissipates. All that we have are the little snapshots we carry around in that trapped sponge that sits inside the confines of a round mass of bones.

This game, this stupid game, gave us numerous little flip books to take with us wherever we go. Tyrann Mathieu giving up the center of the field for a stat inflating 61-yard Jonnu Smith touchdown catch. A third string tight end running straight up on a 4th and 1 at the goal line. Deshaun Watson’s diving throws like he was playing shortstop to escape the sack. Another J.J. Watt strip sack, this time a simple edge rush against a tight end blocking him one-on-one. Marcus Mariota’s refusal to go deep or throw the ball away to try and preserve a 100% completion percentage, ruined at the end of the game, like a dropped Kombucha when the keys are inside the door. PFF giving Christian Covington a 97.6 grade for picking up 2.5 of the easiest sacks you’ll ever see. And that perfect and beautiful sideline catch by DeAndre Hopkins where he turned to hit the ground to ensure the ball never scrapes across it.

Sure, last week’s Monday Night Football may have been ‘better’ or more ‘exciting,’ but what does that even mean? I’ll remember Ryan Griffin catching a 20 yard pass into the flat after I forget how to say Ebukam. I’m just a brain in a vat. That’s all there is to that.


Matt Burnham:

It’s time we throw the Texans into the same conversation as the Chiefs, Pats, and Steelers. If it weren’t for the Saints putting up historical performances, national media would talk about the Texans more as the most red-hot team in the league.

Kenneth L.:

I’m all in on this team. I’m getting a tattoo of Deshaun Watson on my chest tomorrow instead of going to work. It is truly inspiring that a team can be this bad yet be this good. The only way the Texans win is by a stressful back and forth game that makes you love the way they lie. #EminemSongs. Who knows how long this streak could go?

Okay, fine, Maybe It Isn’t 100% Accurate All The Time:

Mike Bullock:

While I still love the 57 point game Houston hung on the Titans last season, this game might be my all-time favorite Texans game. A HUGE run play, great quarterback work, stifling defense, and some special teams electricity. Plus, getting to beat the guy who bit the hand that fed him and essentially shut the door on any chance he had of taking his new team to the playoffs in his first season as a head coach. What’s not to love. Maybe it really is time to get excited.

I Know A Spot In New Jersey:

Capt. Ron:

Being at the stadium for this game was quite a special experience. Emotions swung sharply all night with the pre-game tribute to Bob McNair to the Texans spotting the Titans a 10-point early lead and then finally uncorking a dominant performance. The conservative start to the second half had the crowd concerned (and bored) but then Houston exerted dominance again to close the deal.

It was an important win for so many reasons: McNair tribute, former Houston team/division rival, former coach (Vrabel), 8th consecutive win (franchise record), but most important was the division and AFC standings as we near playoff positioning. I look forward to rewatching this one to re-experience the big plays on both sides of the ball.

Go Texans!

I’m Never Going Out In Public Again:


As fans of the Texans, this is the type of performance we should expect week in/week. Lamar Miller is still really fast. Deshaun Watson knows how to throw a football downfield. DeAndre Hopkins is a truly exceptional wide receiver. The defensive front seven is outstanding. This is what we should expect.

With a remotely competent offensive coordinator, we could have this shiny, fun toy every week instead of the old poodle.

It Doesn’t Exist. Actually, It Does Exist:

Diehard Chris:

The in-game experience wasn’t as fun as I’d hoped. Even after leaving two full hours prior to the game, and only from about 18 miles away - we still didn’t get into our seats until 5 minutes left in the first quarter. We missed all the pregame pomp and circumstance, and the McNair tribute... not to mention it was already 10-7 Titans by time we sat.

But hey - it was a great time after that. The Texans put on a dominant running performance, and the defense tightened just enough to win. Frankly, being at a game you miss SO much so I don’t have as much to say now as I would after watching the game on broadcast - but to boil this thing down - good teams beat bad teams handily. The Texans beat the Titans handily. I don’t know if the Titans are bad or just mediocre. I don’t know if the Texans are good or just mediocre. What I do know is the Texans blew the Titans out in a divisional game, and I’m happy to see them load up on wins against a weak schedule - so I’ll take it. What’s next is a very dangerous home game against a Browns team that is (currently) playing better than their record indicates. It’ll be interesting to see what Romeo has in mind for rookie QB Baker Mayfield and this upstart Cleveland team.


Maybe they’re not all pretty (though last night’s win over Tennessee most certainly was). But what they all are is historic.

No team in NFL history had ever begun a season with three losses and then followed it with eight straight wins until your 2018 Houston Texans did it last night. Diminish the accomplishment all you want; I won’t do it. The NFL Playoffs will show whether this squad can compete with the Chiefs, Patriots, Steelers, Rams, or Saints; for now, I’m just enjoying watching the Texans develop, week after week, stacking wins on top of each other, all with the goal of definitively transforming into a team that no one wants to face in the postseason.

Soak it up, friends. This is good stuff.